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Dr. Matthijs Oyaert on diagnostic tests used in the context of MS, NMO-SD, and MOGAD

In this 4 min interview, Dr. Matthijs Oyaert provides an overview of the main types of diagnostic tests used in the context of MS, NMO-SD, and MOGAD, and on the most significant advancements in this field.


Matthijs Oyaert

Matthijs Oyaert graduated as a master in drug development (pharmacy) in 2011 and master in clinical biology in 2016 at the KU Leuven and started working as a clinical biologist at the clinical laboratory of the Ghent University hospital. In the laboratory of clinical chemistry and hematology, he is responsible for a broad variety of (automated) routine clinical chemistry and immunochemistry tests and urinary test strip and particle analysis. In addition, he is involved in the laboratory diagnosis of auto-immune and neuroinflammatory diseases. During the first years, he obtained his PhD in 2021 entitled “New developments in the laboratory diagnosis of urinary tract pathology” at the Ghent University. Besides his activity in the Sciensano expert group of TDM, chemistry and immunochemistry and member of the European Federation of Laboratory Medicine (EFLM), he is an active Member of the current Royal Belgian Society of Laboratory Medicine (RBSLM) board. Since 2021, he is involved in the EFLM Task and Finish Group on Urinalysis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Timo Kouri.



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    Dr. Matthijs Oyaert
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    March 28, 2024
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