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Mission & Values

ParadigMS is an independent and non-profit international group of Multiple Sclerosis experts dedicated to improving Multiple Sclerosis patient care by translating state-of-the- art science into practical education at local level.

All activities of ParadigMS incorporate its values.


Independent in the research it conducts, in the scientific programs it elaborates, in the opinion that i s expresses.


The organisation’s deliverables and objectives are not for profit and all funds are dedicated to the realisation of the organisation’s mission, deliverables and objectives.


The organisation’s origin is European, and ParadigMS collaborates with organisation’s and MS experts all over the world that can contribute to the realisation of its mission, deliverables and objectives.

Multiple Sclerosis Experts

Board Members should be active Multiple Sclerosis researchers.

Improving patient care

ParadigMS contributes to an increased knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis Patient’s care by generalist neurologists and other care-givers (nurses, general practitioners,…) by translating state-of-the-art science into practical education to the local level in individual countries.


To realise its vision and mission the Members of ParadigMS deploy different type of activities. All activities incorporate the ParadigMS key values.


ParadigMS is governed by a Board of Directors whom have delegated the day-to-day management to an Executive Committee, supported by a General Manager and a Secretariat. 

Educational slide decks
endorsed by experts

Minimum two MS experts collaborate to produce an educational slide deck. These slide decks are presented (live) to ParadigMS members, peer reviewed and updated.
The slide decks are published on the ParadigMS website “on behalf of ParadigMS”.

Consensus publications

Based on the slide decks, publications are produced. These publications are peer reviewed and published as consensus publications.

Regional and national educational events

Regional (fe: Scandinavian countries, Benelux, …) or national events where state-of-the-art science is transferred to general neurologists and other care givers (nurses, etc) that are confronted with MS in their day to day practice.

Web-based educational tools and resources

Webinars can complement the educational events.

Medical education (ME) programs

The educational slide decks, events and webinars can be important building blocks of accredited educational programs.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee

Laura Airas


Mona Alkhawajah

(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Raed Al Roughani
Member Executive Committee


Thomas Berger


Alexey Boyko


Lou Brundin


Andrew Chan


Florian Deisenhammer


Paolo Gallo


Nikolaos Grigoriadis
Member Executive Committee


Hans-Peter Hartung


Ralf Linker


Celia Oreja-Guevara
President Executive Committee


Carlo Pozzilli


Maura Pugliatti


Bart Van Wijmeersch
Immediate past president Executive Committee


Patrick Vermersch
Member Executive Committee


Bassem Yamout
Member Executive Committee


Tjalf Ziemssen


The Board

  1. The Foundation shall be governed by a Board consisting of at least three members without limitation of number (Board members).
  2. As Board members only active multiple sclerosis researchers and practitioners are permissible.
  3. Members are proposed in writing by other Board members.
  4. Unless decided otherwise upon appointment, Board Members are appointed for a term of five years. A Board member can serve more than one term.
  5. The Board decides with simple majority of votes validly given on the admittance of Board members.
  6. Board membership is highly personal and cannot be transferred nor be acquired through hereditary succession.
  7. The Board may elect a president, a vice-president and a treasurer from among its ranks. The term of an elected president, vice-president and a treasurer shall not exceed two consecutive terms of 2 years.

Executive Committee

  1. The Board may elect an Executive Committee.
  2. The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Board members of the Foundation at a Board Meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee consists of at least 3 natural persons.
  4. The president, vice-president and treasurer of the Foundation are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
  5. The treasurer oversees the financial activities of the Foundation, including needed audits, etc.
  6. The Executive Committee is charged with managing the association and decisions are taking by simple majority. If in any deliberation there is an equal number of votes, the president‘s vote is preponderant.

Operational and Project management

  1. The daily operational and project management is done by LAUREA BV, appointed by the Board of Directors at its establishment meeting (10th September 2019, Stockholm). Stefaan De Corte has been appointed by the same meeting as ParadigMS' General Manager. 
  2. The daily operational and project management can purchase expert services with third parties (fe. scientific communication,…).


The bylaws of ParadigMS Private Foundation can be downloaded here.

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