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The Neuroimmunology of MS Basics of Immunology and MoA of DMT’s (Part II)

The Neuroimmunology of MS Basics of Immunology and MoA of DMT’s (Part II) by Zjalf Ziemssen.

14th of March 2019, Fourth ParadigMS Symposium. The ParadigMS Foundation and the Belgian Study Group for Multiple Sclerosis (BSGMS) organised an interactive learning and networking experience. Here you can consult the presentation document of the workshop on The Neuroimmunology of MS: Basics of Immunology and MoA of DMT’s (Part II) by Prof. Tjalf Ziemssen.

Prof Tjalf Ziemssen focused in this second part of the workshop on the modes of action of all the different treatments of MS that are available today. A review of this webinar you can find in Part II. 

In the first part of a this learning experience Prof Van Wijmeersch brought the basics of neuroimmunology of MS. A review of this workshop you can find in Part I

Professor Tjalf Ziemssen is Director of the Center of Clinical Neuroscience with its Multiple Sclerosis Centre (MSC), neuroimmunological lab (NIL) and
autonomic lab (ANF) at the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital, in Dresden, Germany. 
He is an active member of several neurological societies, including the German Neurological Society, the European Neurological Society, the
American Academy of Neurology and the European Federation of Autonomic Societies.



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    Prof Tjalf Ziemssen
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    March 14, 2019
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