Webinar – An update in MS pathology and immunology

First ParadigMS Symposium - An update in MS pathology and immunology

17th of March 2016, first ParadigMS Symposium. The ParadigMS Foundation and the Belgian Study Group for Multiple Sclerosis (BSGMS) organised an interactive learning and networking experience. Here you can review one of the three lectures that were on the agenda: An update in MS pathology and immunology.

Prof Grigoriadis discusses in this presentation the highlights and updates concerning pathology and immunology in MS.

Prof Nikolaos Grigoriadis graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He did his PhD thesis and residency in Neurology in the same institution. He has been specialized in clinical and experimental Neuroimmunology and CNS immunopathology in a number of research centers and institutions abroad.

He is now Professor of Neurology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and  Head of the of the B’ Dept of Neurology, AHEPA University Hospital, the MS Centre and the Laboratory of Experimental Neurology and Neuroimmunology



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    Prof Nikolaos Grigoriadis & Prof Vincent van Pesch
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    March 17, 2016
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