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Author: ParadigMS Foundation

ParadigMS Pre-MENACTRIMS Symposium, December 7, 2023, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Join us at ParadigMS Pre-MENACTRIMS Symposium! Thursday, 7th of December 2023, Abu Dhabi, UAE This unique learning experience focused on advancing excellence in Multiple Sclerosis education and research promises to be a gathering of minds and insights, with leading experts in the field, engaging discussions, and networking opportunities. Find out more by exploring the event website and register to secure your spot and be part of this extraordinary live learning experience! Find out more Register here

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Expert Meeting 9th of September 2023

On Saturday 9th September, ParadigMS brings together MS experts to discuss and peer review educational materials on multiple sclerosis treatment and care. A detailed agenda will be shared closer to the meeting but how to uncover subtle/silent progressions is one of the hot topics that will be discussed. EXPERT MEETING SEPTEMBER 2023 The following ‘hot topics’ are on the agenda: Our expert meeting will feature a diverse and engaging program, coming soon!

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Expert Meeting 18th of March 2023

  ParadigMS board members meet virtually in March. At the Expert Meetings, experts peer review each others educational slide decks with the objective to publish educational materials for clinical neurologists and nurses on behalf of ParadigMS. EXPERT DIGITAL MEETING MARCH 2023 The following ‘hot topics’ were on the agenda: Paediatric MS – (Lead authors: Melinda Magyari ) Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the diagnosis of MS – (Lead authors: Florian Deisenhammer) Cognition in MS – (Lead: Carlo Pozzilli and Bart Van Wijmeersch)

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The role of Microglia in Multiple Sclerosis. Module 4 – Microglia as a target for the treatment of MS

A common theme throughout many of the sections in the e-learning is the prominent role played by brain-resident microglia in multiple sclerosis (MS). This module, authored by Prof. Patrick Vermersch, will discuss how current MS treatments reduce MS relapse activity and acute inflammation, but how the activation of innate immune cells (i.e. microglia) in the brain contributes to ongoing disability progression that is not related to relapses. Curious to learn more?   Enroll now With thanks to our sponsor who supports this e-learning without any involvement in the elaboration...

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The role of Microglia in Multiple Sclerosis. Module 2 – Clinical progression and the relation with innate immune cells

This e-learning module covers the topic of clinical progression and the relation with innate immune cells. Unlike the historical interpretation, evidence now suggests that all phenotypes lie on a multiple sclerosis continuum, and that acute and chronic inflammation are present to different extents in each form of MS. This module, authored by Professor Carlo Pozzilli, MD PhD, digs into the pathophysiology of MS to explain the MS continuum and how the activation of microglia in the brain and subsequent induction of neurodegenerative processes relate to that.   Curious to learn more?   Enroll...

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ParadigMS Eighth Belgian Symposium 2023

ParadigMS eighth Symposium 20th of April 2023 The ParadigMS Foundation organised its annual Belgium Symposium in April 2023. The symposium brought together +80 Belgian neurologists, residents, nurses, researchers and medical professionals. The main topics covered were: Real-life data on switching medication by Melinda Magyari (Denmark). Immunology and the mechanisms of immune system disfunction by Vincent van Pesch (Belgium) EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) by Niels Hellings (Belgium) New technologies in the neurological field (OCT, evoked potentials,...

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