Webinar – The Role of B and T Cells as a Target in MS Treatment

Second ParadigMS Symposium – The Role of B and T Cells as a Target in MS Treatment

9th of March 2017, second ParadigMS Symposium. The ParadigMS Foundation and the Belgian Study Group for Multiple Sclerosis (BSGMS) organised an interactive learning and networking experience. Here you can review one of the three lectures that were on the agenda:The Role of B and T Cells as a Target in MS Treatment

Prof Deisenhammer gave a lecture about the role of T and B cells in the treatment of MS. A thorough explanation of basic immunology.

Prof. Florian Deisenhammer is presently Professor of Neurology at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. After graduating in 1989 from the University of Vienna Medical School, he finished training in clinical Neurology at Innsbruck Medical University in 1996 and became senior staff member since then. He is director of the neuroimmunological laboratory and his clinical work focuses on stroke and neuroimmunology, particularly multiple sclerosis. His main scientific interest is MS therapy monitoring, specifically antibodies against interferons and other biomarkers in CSF and blood.



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    Prof. Florian Deisenhammer
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    March 09, 2017
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