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ParadigMS Ninth Belgian Symposium 2024

ParadigMS Foundation

By ParadigMS Foundation

January 11, 2024

On March 7th, the first successful session of the 9th Belgian Symposium took place in La Hulpe.

The evening focused on the important topic of differential diagnosis in MS, NMOSD and MOGAD. Given the nature of the disease course of NMOSD and MOGAD, it is essential to quickly and accurately diagnose a patient.

The participants benefited from lectures by Prof. Romain Marignier and Dr. Laurence Lutteri on Differential Diagnosis in MS, NMO-SD, MOGAD, and Advances in Clinical Techniques for CNS Inflammatory Diseases respectively. Moreover, the session saw lively discussions centered around real-life clinical cases, fostering an environment of interactive learning and collaborative exploration.

We are excited to announce that we are now preparing for the upcoming session scheduled for March 28th in Gent. As we continue our journey of knowledge exchange and exploration, please stay tuned for further updates.

Main topics

Keynote: Differential diagnosis in Multiple Sclerosis, NMO-SD and MOGAD, presented by Prof Romain Marignier (CHU Lyon, France)

Lecture: Advances in clinical techniques for CNS inflammatory diseases, presented by Dr Laurence Lutteri (CHU Liège, Belgium) & Antibodies in focus: Advancements in diagnosing NMO and MOG-related CNS disorders, presented by Dr. Matthijs Oyaert (UZGent, Belgium)

Group discussion: Clinical case discussions introduced by Prof Dominique Dive (CHU Liège, Belgium) & Prof. Guy Laureys (UZGent, Belgium), and facilitated by case presenters

Pre-Symposium: Sponsored break-out session by Alexion


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