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ParadigMS Ninth Belgian Symposium 2024

ParadigMS Foundation

By ParadigMS Foundation

January 11, 2024

The ParadigMS Foundation announces its Annual Belgian Symposium scheduled for March 2024. This year’s edition will feature two distinctive sessions: the first, conducted in French, will take place in La Hulpe on March 7th, while the second, conducted in English and Dutch, is scheduled for March 28th in Gent. Each session promises engaging keynotes complemented by clinical case discussions, all set against the backdrop of a seated dinner environment.

This symposium is tailored for neurologists, residents, nurses, researchers, and other medical professionals, providing a great opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Main topics

Keynote: Differential diagnosis in Multiple Sclerosis, NMO-SD and MOGAD, presented by Prof Romain Marignier (CHU Lyon, France)

Lecture: Advances in clinical techniques for CNS inflammatory diseases, presented by Dr Laurence Lutteri (CHU Liège, Belgium) & Antibodies in focus: Advancements in diagnosing NMO and MOG-related CNS disorders, presented by Dr. Matthijs Oyaert (UZGent, Belgium)

Group discussion: Clinical case discussions introduced by Prof Dominique Dive (CHU Liège, Belgium) & Prof. Guy Laureys (UZGent, Belgium), and facilitated by case presenters

Pre-Symposium: Sponsored break-out session by Alexion

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Educational slide decks
endorsed by experts

Minimum two MS experts collaborate to produce an educational slide deck. These slide decks are presented (live) to ParadigMS members, peer reviewed and updated.
The slide decks are published on the ParadigMS website “on behalf of ParadigMS”.

Consensus publications

Based on the slide decks, publications are produced. These publications are peer reviewed and published as consensus publications.

Regional and national educational events

Regional (fe: Scandinavian countries, Benelux, …) or national events where state-of-the-art science is transferred to general neurologists and other care givers (nurses, etc) that are confronted with MS in their day to day practice.

Web-based educational tools and resources

Webinars can complement the educational events.

Medical education (ME) programs

The educational slide decks, events and webinars can be important building blocks of accredited educational programs.


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