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A video interview on MRI & OCT by Prof Veronica Popescu

30th June 2022, Seventh ParadigMS Symposium 

During the Seventh Belgian ParadigMS Symposium, Prof Celia Oreja-Guevara and Prof Veronica Popescu had a workshop on MRI & OCT.

This video interview with Prof Veronica Popescu is based on the workshop on MRI & OCT. Consult here the video interview.


By the end of this workshop participants had a clearer view of the use of MRI for the diagnosis and follow-up of MS, including finer points on differential diagnosis with a focus on the use of new MRI sequences and techniques.

Clinical cases were used for illustrating the points while at the same time the workshop participants were encouraged to actively participate in the discussion.


  1. What is the role of MRI for the diagnosis and follow-up of MS?
  2. What is the role of MRI sequences and techniques?
  3. Why does OCT serve an important complementary role to MRI in the surveillance of MS?
  4. What should a neurologist whom has a patient that is suspected to have MS, do in relation to MRI and OCT?


University of Hasselt, Belgium

During her neurology residency in Bucharest Romania (where she was born), her interest in MRI was sparkled by the ISMRM MRI Summer School. Afterwards she spent one year at the MS Center Amsterdam, starting her work on brain atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis. After the residency and one year at the Lille University Hospital, Veronica returned to Amsterdam for a PhD in MRI in Multiple Sclerosis with Prof. Frederik Barkhof, combining MRI with pathological and clinical data, including several MAGNIMS projects. Since 2014 she is working in Belgium, first as a Medical Expert for medical software and since 2015 as a neurologist specialized in Multiple Sclerosis at the Rehabilitation and MS Center in Pelt and Hasselt University. In 2017 Veronica got the Erasmus Course on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Neuro Diploma, and since 2016 she is also specialized in Palliative and End Of Life Care.



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    Prof Veronica Popescu
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    June 30, 2022
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