Expert meeting, Virtual

ParadigMS Foundation

By ParadigMS Foundation

September 28, 2020

The ParadigMS Board Members will meet in October virtually. There are a number of new topics on the agenda. In addition, there will also be a number of (second) reviews of current subjects.


The following ‘hot topics’ are on the agenda:

  • NEW: Innate immunity in MS and the role of microglia (lead authors: Patrick Vermersch and Laura Airas)
  • NEW: Virtual care of patients with MS  (lead authors: Carlo Pozzilli and Mona Alkhawajah)
  • NEW: Precision Medicine in MS (lead authors: Nikolaos Grigoriadis + co-author to be assigned)
  • SECOND REVIEW: DMT’s in MS (lead authors: Yamout and Alroughani)
  • SECOND REVIEW: Risk management in the treatment of MS (lead authors: Pugliati and Pozzilli)
  • SECOND REVIEW: Suboptimal Response on Treatment in MS (lead authors: Van Wijmeersch)
  • REVIEW: Article on Pregnancy in MS (lead author: Oreja-Guevara)
  • REVIEW: Article on NMO (lead authors: Oreja-Guevara, Vermersch and Chan)
  • REVIEW: Article on progressive MS (lead authors: Pozzilli and Pugliati)

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