Expert Meeting October 2020

ParadigMS Foundation

By ParadigMS Foundation

August 16, 2020

The ParadigMS Board Members will meet in October virtually. There are a number of new topics on the agenda. In addition, there will also be a number of (second) reviews of current subjects.


The following ‘hot topics’ are on the agenda:

  • NEW: Innate immunity in MS and the role of microglia (lead authors: Patrick Vermersch and Laura Airas)
  • NEW: Virtual care of patients with MS  (lead authors: Carlo Pozzilli and Mona Alkhawajah)
  • NEW: Precision Medicine in MS (lead authors: Nikolaos Grigoriadis + co-author to be assigned)
  • SECOND REVIEW: DMT’s in MS (lead authors: Yamout and Alroughani)
  • SECOND REVIEW: Risk management in the treatment of MS (lead authors: Pugliati and Pozzilli)
  • SECOND REVIEW: Suboptimal Response on Treatment in MS (lead authors: Van Wijmeersch)
  • REVIEW: Article on Pregnancy in MS (lead author: Oreja-Guevara)
  • REVIEW: Article on NMO (lead authors: Oreja-Guevara, Vermersch and Chan)
  • REVIEW: Article on progressive MS (lead authors: Pozzilli and Pugliati)

The Expert Meetings bring together the Members of ParadigMS. Research results are discussed and slide decks are peer reviewed. The Members also decide about the scientific program of the association, the action plan and the budget.

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