E-workshop - MRI in MS & Management during a pandemic

An interactive workshop with clinical studies and a keynote on management during a pandemic. By Roula Hourani, Jens Würfel and Celia Oreja-Guevara.

21th November 2020, ParadigMS Foundation and MENACTRIMS offered an enriching e-workshop and keynote – MRI in MS // Management during a pandemic. Here you can review the full recording.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis and management of the multiple sclerosis (MS) patient.
ParadigMS and MENACTRIMS have joined forces to bring you an interactive e-workshop on MRI in MS presented by the eminent neuroradiologists Dr. Roula Hourani (American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon) and Dr. Jens Würfel (University of Basel, Switzerland).
Using case studies to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in this fascinating medical field, Drs Hourani and Würfel cover key aspects of the use of MRI to accurately diagnose MS and to differentiate it from other neurological diseases that may mimic the outward signs of MS.
They also highlight the importance of the diagnostic work-up encompassing each patient’s clinical history to complement MRI findings, and look at complicating factors in the analysis and interpretation of MR images. 


Prof Celia Oreja-Guevara concluded the session with an interesting keynote about managing a team and your patients during a pandemic.

This workshop was made possible with the support of Merck.

Dr. Roula Hourani is an Associate Professor and Chief of the Neuroradiology Division in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. She received her medical degree from Saint Joseph University in Beirut in 1998 and completed her residency in Radiology at the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Beirut in 2001, followed by one year fellowship in Women’s Imaging at Tenon Hospital in France, then two fellowships in Neuroradiology at the Pitie-Salpertriere Hospital in France and at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA in 2004.
She joined the AUBMC in 2004. She helped with the implementation of functional brain imaging service at the Radiology Department at AUBMC that was the first in the region after a training at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 2005.
She has the extensive clinical experience in the field as Neuroradiologist with satisfactory performance in research and teaching. She has specific interest and expertise in brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and autism.
In addition to her clinical work, she is a prolific academic author, with over 60 publications in some of the top tier journals such as the American Journal of Neuroradiology, as well as book’s chapters, abstracts, and international meetings presentations.

Dr. med. Jens Thomas Wuerfel, MD/FMH received his medical training at the Universities in Heidelberg, Luebeck, London, Sydney, Cape Town and Chicago. He specialised in Clinical Neurology with focus on Neuroimmunology at the Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany, and added a specialisation in Radiology, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and in Neuroradiology at the University Medicine Goettingen, Germany.
His scientific career started at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, Germany, where he did his PhD thesis at the Department of Immunregulation and Tumor Defense. He worked as scientist at the National Institutes of Neurology, London, GB, as well as at the NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, USA. Dr. Wuerfel´s research focusses on advanced MRI in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. He authored and co-authored >200 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, covering preclinical and clinical studies as well as the development of advanced acquisition modalities like MRE or OCT, and their translation into trials as well as clinical routine settings.
Since 2015 he serves as CEO of the Medical Image Analysis Center (MIAC AG), Basel, Switzerland.

Professor Celia Oreja-Guevara is Vice Chair of Neurology and Head of Multiple Sclerosis Center at the University Hospital San Carlos, Madrid and Professor of Neurology at the University Complutense, Madrid, Spain. After receiving her MD from the University Complutense, Madrid, Professor OrejaGuevara completed a PhD in neuroimmunology at the Max-Planck-Institute for Neurobiology, University of Munich, Munich (Germany). She then went on to complete a residency in the Department of Neurology at the University of Bochum, Bochum (Germany) and a postdoctoral fellowship in neuroimaging at the University Hospital San Raffaele, Milan (Italy). She has also held posts at the University of Düsseldorf (Germany),Hospital de Fuenlabrada and at the University Hospital La Paz, both in Madrid. Professor Oreja-Guevara’s research interests centre on clinical and neuroimaging correlations in MS and the use of optical coherence tomography. Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is among her other therapy areas of interest, and Professor OrejaGuevara is actively involved in the evaluation of new drugs for the treatment of MS and NMO. As an investigator, she has participated in a number of MS clinical trials and currently heads the Neuroimaging Group of the Spanish Neurological Society, and she is a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Academy of Neurology. Currently, Professor Oreja-Guevara is an expert for the Spanish Medicines Agency and for the Scientific Advisory Group on Neurology of the European Medicines Agency



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    Ass. Prof. Roula Hourani, Dr Jens Würfel & Prof Celia Oreja-Guevara
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    November 21, 2020
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