Organisational structure, roles and responsibilities

Board Members

Laura Airas

Mona Alkhawajah
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Raed Al Roughani

Member Executive Committee

Thomas Berger

Alexey Boyko

Lou Brundin

Andrew Chan

Florian Deisenhammer

Paolo Gallo

Nikolaos Grigoriadis

Member Executive Committee

Hans-Peter Hartung

Ralf Linker

Celia Oreja-Guevara

President Executive Committee

Carlo Pozzilli

Maura Pugliatti

Sven Schippling

Treasurer Executive Committee

Finn Thorup Sellebjerg

Maria Pia Sormani

Vincent Van Pesch

Bart Van Wijmeersch

Immediate past president Executive Committee

Patrick Vermersch

Member Executive Committee

Bassem Yamout

Member Executive Committee

Tjalf Ziemssen

The Board

  1. The Foundation shall be governed by a Board consisting of at least three members without limitation of number (Board members).
  2. As Board members only active multiple sclerosis researchers and practitioners are permissible.
  3. Members are proposed in writing by other Board members.
  4. Unless decided otherwise upon appointment, Board Members are appointed for a term of five years. A Board member can serve more than one term.
  5. The Board decides with simple majority of votes validly given on the admittance of Board members.
  6. Board membership is highly personal and cannot be transferred nor be acquired through hereditary succession.
  7. The Board may elect a president, a vice-president and a treasurer from among its ranks. The term of an elected president, vice-president and a treasurer shall not exceed two consecutive terms of 2 years.

Executive Committee

  1. The Board may elect an Executive Committee.
  2. The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Board members of the Foundation at a Board Meeting.
  3. The Executive Committee consists of at least 3 natural persons.
  4. The president, vice-president and treasurer of the Foundation are ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
  5. The treasurer oversees the financial activities of the Foundation, including needed audits, etc.
  6. The Executive Committee is charged with managing the association and decisions are taking by simple majority. If in any deliberation there is an equal number of votes, the president‘s vote is preponderant.

Operational and Project management

  1. The daily operational and project management is done by SEAUTON BVBA, appointed by the Board of Directors at its establishment meeting (21th June 2015, Berlin).
  2. The daily operational and project management can purchase expert services with third parties (fe. scientific communication,…).


The bylaws of ParadigMS Private Foundation can be downloaded here.

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