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Webinar – Basics of Immunology And The Mode of Action of Disease Modifying Treatments

Prof. Bart Van Wijmeersch & Prof. Vincent van Pesch

Webinar – Update on MS Immunology and the Mode of Action of MS Treatments

Prof. Vincent van Pesch & Prof. Bart Van Wijmeersch

Update on Current Understanding of MS Pathology

Wolfgang Brück & Jack Van Horssen


Patrick Vermersch & Andrew Chan

Update on MS Immunology and treatment targets

Ralf Linker & Vincent Van Pesch

Symptomatic Treatment in MS part 2

Florian Deisenhammer & Thomas Berger

Symptomatic Treatment in MS part 1

Celia Oreja-Guevara  & Raymond Hupperts

Suboptimal Response on Treatment

Celia Oreja-Guevara & Bart Van Wijmeersch

Safety, Tolerability and Adherence

Raed Alroughani

The Role of T and B cells as a Target in MS Treatment

Patrick Vermersch & Ralf Linker & Florian Deisenhammer


Mona Alkhawajah & Bassem I Yamout

How Real World Evidence Complements Clinical Trial Data

Tjalf Ziemssen & Helmut Butskueven

Quality of life of Persons with MS

Mona Alkhawajah

Pediatric MS

Raed Alroughani & Alexey Boyko

New MRI Techniques, Metrics and Assessments

Sven Schippling

Prognosis on Treatment

James Overell & Bart Van Wijmeersch & Celia Oreja-Guevara

MS Immunopathophysiology

Nikolaos Grigoriadis & Vincent van Pesch

MS Genetics

Alexey Boyko & Hans-Peter Hartung

MRI and the Patient Journey

Celia Oreja-Guevara

MRI and MS Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

Sven Schippling

Lifestyle Factors in Multiple Sclerosis

Mona Alkhawajah

Highlights in Treatment and Management of RRMS

Bart van Wijmeersch & Paolo Gallo


Carlo Pozzili & Maura Pugliatti

Current and Future Monitoring of MS

Sven Schippling

Cognition in MS

Nikolaos Grigoriadis & Raed Alroughani

Clinical Outcome Measures

Florian Deisenhammer & MP. Sormani

Biological Biomarkers in MS

Irina Elovaara & Nikolaos Grigoriades

Benign MS

Nikolas Grigoriadis & Andreas Lysandropoulos

Basic Treatment Principles in MS

Authors: Bassem Yamout & Florian Deisenhammer

ParadigMS supplement in the European Journal of Neurology

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Striving for Excellence in Patient Care – an Innovative Approach (SEPIA) meeting

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Making connectionS, a global ParadigMS meeting

Video material of event

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